Can I reduce my electric bill by wiring my pump at 230 volts instead of 115 volts?

Unfortunately, No. Electric rates are charged per kilowatt hour.  The basic formula for determining electric power (watts) is to multiply volts x amps (v x a = w). If a one horsepower pump uses 14 amps when wired at 115 volts it will use 7 amps if wired at 230 volts.  Either way the power used (watts) will be the same.  115v x 14a = 805 watts or 230v x 7a = 805 watts.


What does low rpm and high rpm mean?

RPM is the acronym for Revolutions Per Minute.  This term describes the operating speed for the motor.  PerformancePro low rpm pumps run at 1725 rpm and the high rpm pumps run at 3450 rpm.


What does dual voltage mean?

Some of our motors are designed to operate at either 115 volts or 230 volts. The option of two voltages makes a motor “dual voltage” and can be set to either option upon building a pump and motor unit.


Will my pump motor have a longer service life if I shut it off regularly?

Unfortunately, no this will not help.  The motors are designed for continuous operation.  The less it is turned on and off will enhance its service life.


How long is my warranty?

The Artesian 2, Artesian Pro and Cascade line are covered by an excellent three-year limited warranty for fresh water units and a one year for units used on salt water systems. Wellspring units are covered by a two year limited warranty.

Warranty periods begin at the date of shipment to the original purchaser.


What should I do if my pump becomes submerged in water?

If the pump was not running or was wired to a GFCI circuit when it was submerged it is possible no significant damage has occurred. Allow the pump to dry completely before attempting a restart. If the pump was running when the incident occurred or was submerged for a long time it is possible that internal components may need to be replaced or possibly the entire motor replaced. Contact our technicians for further details. Pumps that have been submerged are not covered by your limited warranty.


Where is the best place to install my pump?

Performance will not be adversely affected if the pump is installed according to the guidelines explained in the pump placement chart. To reduce the time to prime and insure top performance, position the pump as low and close to the source water as practical.


Should the suction pipe always be larger than the discharge pipe?

As long as the inlet pipe has an inside diameter large enough to not create excessive friction loss or pump cavitation the discharge pipe can be the same diameter. You should never install an inlet pipe that is smaller than the outlet. A friction loss chart should be used to determine the size of the pipe needed according to the desired rate of flow.


What should I do if my Artesian pump will not self prime?

First, fill the priming pot with water and replace the lid. Turn on the pump. If the water is pumped from the pot your pump is working properly. Second, check the placement chart to determine proper placement and the required time to prime. Third, check for air leaks: is the lid securely tightened with the o ring in place? Are all disconnects, fittings, elbows, and valve connections sealed? If you have a swing check valve determine if it is installed correctly. Look for any obstruction in the inlet line.


How should I maintenance my pump?

Check the priming pot regularly for debris and remove. The frequency of this inspection and service will vary according to the design of your system, the time of year, your location, and the amount of debris (leaves, algae, pine needles, etc…) your pond is subject to. Longer, sunnier days can significantly increase the development of algae.

In areas subject to freezing you will need to completely drain your pump and system if it is not running continuously. Freeze damage is not covered by the limited warranty.


Will I void my warranty if the pump is exposed to the weather?

It does not compromise your warranty if the pump is exposed to weather. (Flooding the pump does void your warranty.) We recommend that your pump be protected from the elements in such a way so that fresh air can circulate. Generally, any electrical / mechanical appliance will provide a longer service life if it is protected from the weather. We offer the ProTect pump cover as added protection.

The ProTect pump cover is an excellent product that protects from the elements and absorbs sound to quiet the pump even more. ProTect units are available through PerformancePro Pumps.


What is the size of the suction and discharge ports?

Artesian 2 pumps have 2” suction and discharge ports.

Artesian Pro pumps have 3" suction and discharge ports.

Cascade pumps have 1 1/2” ports.

Industrial pumps have 1 1/2" or 3/4" ports available.


What are the dimensions of your pumps?

Artesian 2 Pump dimensions are : 11 1/4” wide, 12 3/4 ” high, 9” from the foot to the suction port center line, 12 1/2” from the front of the pump to the center line of the discharge port, the wet end is 15 1/8” long. The overall length varies from 25 3/4” to 28 3/8” depending on the size of the motor.

Artesian2 Dimensions

Cascade Pump dimensions are: 8 1/2” wide, 7 9/16” wet end height, 3 1/2” from the foot to the center line of the suction port, 2 3/4” from the center line of the suction port to the center line of the discharge port, 3” from the rear of the motor bracket to the center line of the discharge port, the overall wet end length is 5 1/8”, depending on the size of the motor the overall length and height varies from 14” to 17 1/4” and 8 3/4” to 9” respectively.



What should I do to return my pump for repair?

Obtain the Serial no. from the wet end of your pump. Call 503-356-5888 to obtain an RMA number (return merchandise authorization). Package and ship the pump according to the instructions on the RMA sheet provided to you. Once inspected, you will be notified of our findings. If the repair is under warranty we will restore your pump to good working condition and return it to you without charge. If it is not a warranty repair, after notification and repair approval, the customer will be charged for the parts, labor, and return shipping.


What is your return policy?

Merchandise may be returned in new, unused, and undamaged condition within 30 days of the date of purchase. Orders that include custom built motors are not returnable. All returns require a return authorization (RMA) number. Please contact PerformancePro Pumps to obtain the RMA number. In order for your package to be accepted, the RMA number must be clearly written on the outside of the box being returned. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Return shipping cost is the responsibility of the purchaser. Returns are processed within 14 business days and a refund will be made by the same method as the original purchase.

Contact the Returns Department at:

PH (503) 356-5888

FX (503) 356-1660



Do you offer a loaner pump while my pump is being repaired?

As a manufacturer it is not our policy to loan pumps. We recommend keeping a backup pump available for unexpected pump failures for systems requiring constant water flow.


How much do the pumps weigh?   Pump Weights


Is there a dealer in my area?

Contact our sales department at 503-356-5888 for details.